At TEP, we believe that the relationship and camaderie among equestrians as well as their family members are just as important as the relationship between man and horse.

Come and take the best seat in the house during tournaments.

As TEP's main interest is providing horses the ideal environment, our personnel offer the very best care and attention, while the 100 masonry stables come with an industrial fan each.

TEP's Equestrian Field is our pride and joy, the 100m x 175m Bermuda grass turf field have won plaudits by both foreign and local riders.

With Polo being dubbed “the sport of Kings”, our 200m x 300m field is indeed fit for one.

With a sand-track that strectches about 2km, TEP offers a uniqely Malaysian riding experience for both man and horse, which makes going the distance worthwhile.

At TEP, we have three types of paddocks for two different purposes.